Gourmet cuisine - Martin Köhl

Gourmet hotel with Gault Millau cuisine in South Tyrol

Out of enthusiasm for what is good

Each chef has his or her own signature, which is reflected in the dishes and unfolds on the palate of the happy guests. At only 28 years of age and a lot of experience under his belt, Martin Köhl seized his chance: he became head chef at the Sonnalp Connoisseur hotel in the Dolomites. Being able to run his own kitchen and realise his own dreams, as well as our decision to put our trust in him, was a decision that both sides have never regretted, even after 25 years.

Tomato & Fish Dumplings on spinach cream Fish and potato Appetizer

From beginning …

During his apprenticeship as a young chef, he worked in various top restaurants throughout South Tyrol and could learn from many masters of his trade. After a few stays abroad, including Munich, Alsace and Spain, he developed and perfected his own style.

“Quality ingredients and quality products are the stars of the kitchen. The focus is on the essentials, namely an unadulterated, natural taste.”

Martin Köhl

… to becoming

Today our gourmet hotel in the Dolomites is known for its gourmet cuisine and head chef Martin Köhl as the master of his trade. Having grown up in the Val d’Ega, he has always been very knowledgeable about the culinary possibilities of his home town. He breathes new life into old recipes, focuses on a simple but consistently creative cuisine that delights with natural flavours and surprises with originality. We would say that he is a true culinary craftsman, and Gault Millau, which has awarded him three toques, also says so.

“When guests approach us hosts and recommend their current favourite dish, we know what good Sonnalp cuisine is all about.”

Host Sabine

Gault & Millau
Martin Köhl Dumpling Dish - Hotel Sonnalp

Regional treasure trove

All the ingredients and products that we use come from the region and the rest of northern Italy: from local producers, local farmers not to forget those from our chef’s well-stocked herb garden. Nothing escapes his trained eye, and the products are selected with great care.

A small selection of our partners:

  • Berries | Burgstallerhof (Nova Ponente)
  • Cheese | Learnerhof cheese dairy (Nova Ponente)
  • Organic vegetables and tomatoes | Eisatherhof (Nova Ponente)
  • Eggs | Bacherhof (Ega) & Badstuberhof (Nova Ponente)
  • Honey & honey liqueurs | Oberkorerhof (Ega)
  • Bread | Pichler bakers (Ega)