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Massages and body treatments

  • Manicures

    45 min. - € 46,00

    Manicure with polish

  • Pedicures

    50 min. - € 55,00

    Pedicures with polish

  • Peeling

    25 min. - € 40,00

    Body exfoliation with sea salt
    For a soft and fresh skin!

  • Cleopatra bath

    25 min. - € 43,00

    Wrapped in a fragrant cream pack with soothing oils and essences, just like Cleopatra, for a soft and velvet skin.

  • Evening primerose oil bath

    25 min. - € 46,00

    Enjoy the effects of evening primrose oil, which not only nourishes and moisturises but also regulates the metabolism and promotes blood circulation.

  • Fango Pack

    45 min. - € 56,00

    The natural active ingredients found in mud promote blood circulation, relaxation and purification. Your skin is revitalized and you will feel a fantastic sense of general wellbeing.

  • Goat butter cream bath

    25 min. - € 43,00

    The minerals and vitamins contained in goat’s butter have strong regenerating effects and are especially good for dry, flaky and itchy skin.

  • South Tyrolean hay bath

    25 min. - € 46,00

    Enjoy the effects of the finest grasses, flowers and herbs, which release the essential oil of coumarin when moistened and heated. This demonstrably helps to ease chronic joint pains, arthritis, rheumatism and muscle strains.

  • Maria Galland - Classic Facial

    50 min. - € 72,00

    Classic facial for him and her! Exfoliation, cleansing, massage, mask, cream.

  • Maria Galland - Facial with Masque Modelant

    90 min. - € 105,00

    Deep cleansing and caring treatment with personally designed ampoules of active ingredients, special preparations and self-heating mineral mask with lifting effects. The active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin and the contours of your face are gently moulded.

    • Masque Modelant Defense Anti-Age
      With silicon and selenium, this anti-ageing mask stimulates the production of elastin and collagen to protect against free radicals and premature ageing of the skin.

    • Masque Modelant Controle Hydratation
      With phosphorus and aluminium, this hydrating mask strengthens the barrier function and elasticity of your skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines.

    • Masque Modelant Reveil Clarté
      With zinc and copper, this mask has regenerating, clarifying and soothing effects and strengthens the barrier function of the skin. It is recommended for impure and sensitive skin.

    50 min. - € 79,00

    An ideal massage to treat the heaviness and swelling of the legs, physical tiredness and laziness.

    It's a revitalizing and energetic massage, with warm oil and aromatic essential oils selected to reactivate the body, mind and spirit.


    50 min. - € 79,00

    The term "Marma" means "sensitive". The Marma Points are important energy points, which are stimulated through the hand pressures and warm oil.

    Marma Abhyanga is one of the most ancient massage of the Indian tradition, to give balance and inner peace. A massage with an hypnotic effect.

  • Ayurveda massages PADA

    35 min. - € 56,00

    Ayurvedic Foot Reflexology includes the complete foot massage that leads the person to experience a well-being and a general regeneration, stimulating the MARMA POINTS, vital energy points.

    In this way it's possible to massage indirectly the whole body by touching the different refelx zones.

  • Ayurveda massages SHIRO AND PICHU

    40 min. - € 64,00

    It's the Ayurvedic Head Massage combined with special treatment localized to the forehead, ideal for those who cannot sleep well during the night and have the mind in constant activity.

    The head massage is made with coconut oil and essential oil like Lavender, Orange and Mint.

    The PICHU is an oil bath, using gauzes positioned in the forehead, with specific essential oils to promote a good sleep and a general lightness.

    For the well-being of the whole body it can be combined with the SNEHANA massage.
    Duration of both treatments together is 70 minutes, Euro 110,-

  • Ayurveda massages SNEHANA

    30 min. - € 48,00

    Snehana is a massage with warm oil and relaxing essences, with enveloping and constant movements, inducing it to a deep state of relaxation.

    After this massage it is recommended receive either the Face and Head Massage (MUKA ABHYANGA), of the Feet Massage (PADA MASSAGE) or the Head Massage (SHIRO ABHYANGA): in this way it's total well-being for the whole body.
  • Facial Massage

    25 min. - € 39,00

    Well-being facial massage with anti-aging and anti-stress benefits!

  • Hot Stone

    55 min. - € 79,00

    A stress-relieving therapy for complete well-being. This fascinating mix of massage and energy treatment with hot stones and aromatic oils is certain to bring your body and soul in total harmony.
    Full body massage.

  • Relaxation... back or legs

    25 min. - € 39,00

    Relaxing back or leg massage with warm oil and aroma.

  • Relaxation... full body

    55 min. - € 69,00

    Relaxing full body massage with warm oil and aroma.

  • Sport... back or legs

    25 min. - € 40,00

    Sport massage for your back or legs.
    This deep, penetrating massage relaxes your muscles, relieving tension, stiffness in your neck and cramps.

  • Sport...full body

    55 min. - € 72,00

    Full body Sport massage.
    This deep, penetrating massage relaxes your muscles, relieving tension, stiffness in your neck and cramps.