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Winter paradise through the ages

The Gourmet Hotel Sonnalp has been managed by our family with lots of love for decades. It's not long ago when Obereggen was still a contemplative mountain village…

While many South Tyroleans recognised the increase in tourism at the end of the 50's and started to offer tourists accommodation and food, Obereggen was still difficult to access. The narrow Eggental Valley was almost not accessible until the construction of the first proper road in 1972. While winter tourism flourished in other parts of the region, tourism in Obereggen was still only at the start. Winter and summer tourism in Obereggen started to slowly develop only with the construction of the first proper road and the first ski lift in 1972 with the participation of our senior Mr. Weissensteiner.

We are the second generation to manage the Sonnalp with great passion. Many things have changed over the years: however, the host family and many of our guests are still the same. The passion for our job has however never diminished over the years.